Turret Window Arch, Utah (07/2019)

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows" - Sydney J. Harris 

A piece of paper taped to the door of my closet and a pen were all that I used in my quest to explain basic algebra to my two-person “class” while playing the role of a teacher in middle school. Although my siblings took this as a pastime, that role has always been a cherished ambition for me. Nowadays, I seize every opportunity to put this passion into action and witness the diversity of students' growth and learning. I adopt a variety of pedagogies and focus on evoking an emotional connection between the students and the learning objectives rather than just an abstract and mechanical involvement. In all of my classes, I seek and provide continuous feedback and I incorporate concrete examples, hands-on live demonstrations, live polls, among other.

ENGIN 7 – Fall 2023

CIVENG 93 – Spring 2023

Some quotes from my students:


E 7 Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers - UC Berkeley

Elements of procedural and object-oriented programming. Induction, iteration, and recursion. Real functions and floating-point computations for engineering analysis. Introduction to data structures. Representative examples are drawn from mathematics, science, and engineering.

CE 93 Engineering Data Analysis - UC Berkeley

Application of the concepts and methods of probability theory and statistical inference to CEE problems and data; graphical data analysis and sampling; elements of set theory; elements of probability theory; random variables and expectation; simulation; statistical inference. Use of computer programming languages for analysis of CEE-related data and problems. The course also introduces the student to various domains of uncertainty analysis in CEE.


Inclusive Classrooms Leadership Certificate (Summer 2022)

Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, The University of Texas at Austin

Completed a teaching seminar about strategies for developing and sustaining inclusive classroom climate.

Advanced Teaching Preparation Certificate (Fall 2021)

Faculty Innovation Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Completed a series of 8 sessions on developing teaching skills, including working with students with disabilities, cognitive learning theories, grading and feedback, fostering diversity and inclusive teaching practices, promoting students' mental health, and fostering student participation. 

Fundamentals for Teaching Assistants (Fall 2021)

Graduate School, The University of Texas at Austin

Completed a semester-long professional development seminar to learn skills, behavior, and strategies for effective college teaching and leading effective discussions and labs.

Engineering Graduate Student Professional Development (Fall 2017)

Graduate School, The University of Texas at Austin

Completed a full-day teaching assistant certification with a focus on teaching in engineering.